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Fuel Management

Medium Level Systems

Entry Level Systems
  • Includes vehicle MPG in the reports.
  • More comprehensive reporting than the entry level systems but limited on how you can sort & display this data compared to the comprehensive system. Reporting is normally displayed via your internet browser.
  • Manual data download via a USB memory stick.
  • Sold to the smaller/medium fleet operator where the cost of the comprehensive system can't be justified.
  • Examples: HDA, HDM & FC05

Comprehensive Level Systems

Comprehensive Level Systems
  • Give full comprehensive reporting including MPG.
  • Come with standard reports, also easy to make your own.
  • Prevent inaccurate information from being inputted.
  • Normally are web based, giving access from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Can be linked to accurate fuel tank gauging.
  • Accepts off site fuelling data from most fuel card companies.
  • Examples: FC20 & FC10